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For many years now the home was believed to be a Sears Magnolia catalog home, as previously stated in a Buffalo News Article “Mail-order homes came in barrels and bundles Sears sent the materials, families did the building “ by Irene Liguori, townspeople reflected on the memories of the magnificent home built by a wealthy contractor George W. Ingersoll in 1927.  They could recall the beautiful chandelier in the foyer and a curving black walnut banister on the staircase. Due to the dedicate work of Historian Dale Wolicki and Rachel Shoemaker Mail Order Home enthusiast who discovered our home have correct us.  This catalog home is indeed a magnificent home called the Vernon from Sterling Homes out of Bay City, Michigan and was considered “The Home of Your Dreams “. Then the pieces of this home could be yours for $2,926.00.  It was originally a 10 room home and consider a mansion at the time.  Unfortunately at the time of the great depression Mr. Ingersoll lost his home to the bank for foreclosure.  The home was then bought in 1934 by the Eugene J. Heil Family who later converted the home into apartments during World War II and then later a Funeral Home.  In 1985 Joe and Karen Schiavone bought the business and it became their home until 2008 when John and Cynthia Latimore took over ownership of the business and property.  


After all the renovations that have taken place over the years much of the beauty of the original building still exists.  The grounds and gardens continue to draw people here for wedding and prom photos.  Its truly a peaceful place here in Western New York and we encourage you to come for a visit.  


We would like to thank Mr. Wolicki for contacting us and providing the information about the history of the building.  We also ask that if any one has photos or memories to share with us please call or email the information to John@latimorefh.com.   

The Vernon


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