Cremation Services

As with traditional burials, a family choosing cremation has many ways to celebrate their loved one's life. Many families choose services, visitations, gatherings that are identical to those of traditional services. Our well-trained staff can explain options and show examples of how cremation can be personalized to fit your needs.

Latimore-Schiavone Funeral Homes Inc. offers a variety of customary services at no additional cost to make your service special including:

The choice of cremation or burial for your deceased loved one is a very personal one based on a variety of factors including personal, religious or societal beliefs. In some cases, preferences are known before death, but in others, family members must make this decision.

Cremation, Burial, and Other Resting Place Options


  • Religious beliefs
  • Family tradition


  • Environmental concerns about burial
  • Can sometimes be less expensive than traditional burial


  • Desire to be above ground or indoors

Green Burial

  • Wish to use easily biodegradable materials or avoid chemical preservatives

Body Donation

  • Help to advance medical practices and medical research

If Direct Cremation or Immediate Burial is your Choice
We will expertly handle a cremation or burial with no services or ceremonies with dignity and respect, and follow the specific wishes of the deceased or family members.