Funeral Services

Traditional Funerals

We offer many services to fit your loved one's needs. There are several options and price ranges to choose from. We bestow numerous choices of caskets, vaults, and service options to suit your every expectation.
    •    Casket
    •    Clothing
    •    Chapel, Church, or Graveside service
    •    Cemetery Space
    •    Honoraria for clergy / musicians
    •    Copies of the death certificate
    •    Outer Burial Container
    •    Viewing / Visitation
    •    Family Transportation
    •    Monument / Marker

It is Latimore-Schiavone's policy to provide full information about funeral arrangements and costs. There are a variety of funeral alternatives available and you will find our service details. A licensed representative will help you answer your questions, concerns, and step you through the many available options for you services.

To better assist you, we provide the following information:

Social Security:
We will notify Social Security by mail of a death. This will aid in stopping monthly checks. If you are entitled to benefits, please call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 you will need to have your and your spouse's Social Security numbers, dates of birth of minor children, and your marriage date.

Insurance Companies generally require claimants statements and death certificates. Your director at Latimore-Schiavone is familiar with the process and will assist you on request.

Veteran's Benefits:

We provide full-service memorials for Veterans of the military service. For a complete list of burial and memorial benefits, visit this website:

Note: Providing us with the veteran's discharge papers is the best way to determine the proper arrangements.

Out of State
If your loved ones have passed away out of state, but you're planning to have services here with Latimore-Shiavone, call us immediately. We can handle ALL of the arrangements for you. Speaking with an out of state representative first may only take more time, and could cost more.